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Technical Documentation
   Manufacturing Data Collation, issue control and release processes.
   Technical writing and illustration for electronic manufacturing
   User and Product Manuals

Circuit Design
   Component level design(discrete transistor and IC)
   Instrumentation amplifiers, ADC and DAC, analogue circuit design DC to 5GHz
   Analogue front end design for precision voltage and current measurement systems
   RFID Transceivers/Transponder - inductive power transfer and signalling
   Vehicle and portable power supply and battery monitor/protection circuits
   Low noise oscillators, filters and amplifiers and linear voltage regulators
   Isolated DC-DC converters and switch mode regulators

Regulatory Compliance
   EMC/EMI/ESD design and evaluation
   RoHS/Reach data management

Microcontroller system design and programming
   8bit, 16 and 32 bit micro-processors and micro-controllers
   Realtime Digital control systems - implemented in software (C and assembler)
   Hanchett Electronics specializes in designing with Microchip products.

PCB/Substrate design
   Through hole and surface mount (IPC-7351) PCB design
   Thick film hybrid micro circuit design
   Chip on Board (FR4)

   Inspection per ANSI JSTD-001/MIL-STD2000A
   Surface Mount Soldering/Rework

Schematic Capture, Circuit Simulation and Layout
   Altium DXP 2009 - 2018
   Easy-PC / Pulsonix (Number One Systems)
   Kicad (open Source EDA tools suite)
   Simetrix, LTspice

PC Programming
   C/C++ UNIX/Win32/DOS
   Python on LINUX/Windows for automated test etc
   LabVIEW, instrument control, sequence automation, user interface design.

Hanchett Electronics specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here

Microchip Registered Design Partner

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